Bombarded by Messages – Anonymous


Artwork by anonymous author

“Communication is key”. Whoever came up with this could not be more correct. Now, I imagine that you think I will explore the importance of communication during these times, but I am going to take a different route. 


Disclaimer: This is by no means saying that any of us do not want the support of our friends, family and teachers. We appreciated everything you are doing for us and all of your support. This is just the perspective of a single senior from the class of 2020. It is honest but it leads to a learning opportunity that I believe is extremely important.


I have learned that communication is a complicated action. Before, when it became difficult to talk to people in person, I believed that it was simpler to send a text. It was less personal, quicker, and just more simple. Now it has become a primary mode of communication, which gives it an importance that it previously did not have. At any given moment I can open my messages and have pending text messages. Some are jokes, others are updates, but the ones that get to me most are those of support. The latter bring tears to my eyes. Not necessarily tears of sadness or loss, they are tears of frustration. Every single short message is a reminder of the things that I am missing out on. I do not want pity, and I know that is not the intention of others, but it is still a feeling that is there. In the end, every senior is bombarded with messages about something that is completely out of anyone’s control.


This illustration that I have created is more of a dreamland than anything. I can imagine and interpret it anyway I want to. For you, I will break it down in one particular way. The messages that are floating in cyberspace are representative of what is happening right now. Collectively, they are symbols of the frustration I feel when all of the messages are about one topic, but in reality they simply compose our new normal. 


The lesson that I have learned from all this is that the way we communicate is more important than the action of communicating itself. I am beginning to appreciate in-person communication. My perspective is that it is a way of filtering those we connect with, allowing us to receive only the most important messages that we need at that moment. 


To every single person who believes what I used to believe about texting, let me assure you that it is not a perfect substitute for talking with those you care about. It took the worst-case scenario for me to learn that lesson. Take it from a teenager, social media and online communication is not a good replacement.


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