Uniqueness Locked Away

Locked away for who I was born to be 

Chains dripping on the color of my skin 

Questioning the existence of equality 

Everyone must be a carbon copy 

If you’re something else, you’ll be locked away behind bars and have your wings cut off 


My back is still bleeding from when my wings got chopped off 

It still hurts and it can only heal if I get out of this place 

I want these chains off of me 

I’m crying out loud for god’s sake! 

But they don’t hear my cries, instead they try to silence my pain 


They treat me as if this prison was my home 

But this dreadful place is not where I belong 

I try to prove them wrong 

But they just beat me with their whips 


We’re not even human in their eyes 

Instead, we’re robots and machines that can take any sort of damage 

We’re just objects with no significance 

Our names have been replaced with numbers 


Have you seen me? 

Has the world seen us? 

Have they seen that our identities have been taken away? 

Have they seen that there is no justice in our lives? 

Are they blind? 

The only thing that can save us all is if the superiors open their eyes and see the horrendous destruction that they’ve made 

It is unfortunate that they all want to stay blind.