The Bullseye Horoscope: April 2021

Learn about what the future has in store for you, and scroll to the bottom of the article for a small guide on astrology basics! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment on this article or reach out to me. 


It’s your time to shine, Aries! The sun is in your sign, and it is a good time to set your priorities and reflect upon your personal development. Perhaps you could take some time to learn from a recent formative to make the best out of the upcoming summative. Remember, this is your month, Aries. Expect smooth happenings and things to move forward. Keep taking risks and be courageous — it’s a good time for that. Work on yourself! Maybe it’s time to check out the Baldwin Wellness page. A new you is being born this month. The planets are pushing you forward! Make the most of it — don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

Important Dates for Aries

April 4: Mercury is going into your sign, joining the Sun and Venus, and on April 12 a new moon enters as well — in other words, the focus is on you, Aries. You’re the main character this month, so take that opportunity to let yourself shine.

April 15: Venus is going into your money house, and the Sun and Mercury follow it there five days later (April 20). Uranus is already there. There may be many new financial possibilities. Will your parents give you a few bucks to treat yourself? Maybe your little business could lift off? Are there any talents you’d like to develop? They may be profitable! Or maybe you’ll win a bet!

April 24: Mars enters the fourth house. It’s time to organize your room. Or maybe if it’s already to your liking, rearrange some things. Add a nice poster, print some pictures of you and your friends and put them on your wall, look up inspiration on Pinterest… Make it feel more at home.

April 27: There will be a full moon in the eighth house. Think about what is important to you and organize your life accordingly.



There’s quite a lot of forward momentum for you this month, Taurus. New beginnings are coming for you. However, you know what you need to let go of. Don’t hold on to these things unless you want to stay behind — which I’m sure you don’t, Taurus! Make some space to move forward. Try something new. Maybe you could do something you haven’t done with your friends before. Perhaps join a new club in Baldwin. (Or don’t, it’s up to you.) However, this month is great for new adventures, so take advantage of that! Good things are coming ahead, you just need to take new risks and have fun. 

Important Dates for Taurus

April 12: Mercury moves into your twelfth house. Plus a new moon! This is a time of reflection. Look at what you’ve accomplished and what you would like to accomplish. Try meditating, surrounding yourself in nature, or anything that helps you get in touch with your inner self.

April 15: Venus goes into your sign. This may mean a new romance, or perhaps you’re simply more prone to making new friends and attracting certain people you haven’t really connected with before. Take advantage of your lovely personality to befriend new people, but remember to love yourself in the process.

April 20: The Sun and Mercury go in your sign! This is a time for self-development and growth. Learn from past mistakes and do better next time. You got this.

April 24: Mars enters the third house. It may be time to communicate. Send those emails! Log on to that Zoom meeting! Share that funny meme, check-in with friends and family via text message, or if you’re a little more old-fashioned, write up a letter. It’s a good time to get messages across.

April 22: There will be a full moon in Scorpio, your opposite sign. Gather some insight into your relationships. Does it feel like something needs to be adjusted? Reflect on how you can create a balance.



Gemini, this month is pushing you forward. You have things to do. You’re busy. I know it can be tempting to sit on your bed and scroll through TikTok all day, but the stars are telling you it’s a great time to actually get things done. Maybe to do this you need to get out of a certain situation or let something go. Perhaps there’s tension between your responsibilities and your wants. It’s time to break out of that pattern and do more things you enjoy. Make new friends and connections. Maybe there’s a group project going on — don’t be afraid to collaborate and work in teams. This month will bring out the communicator in you. But, between all that hectic school life, remember to relax and check-in with yourself. 

Important Dates for Gemini

April 4: Mercury goes into the eleventh house, and a new moon happens there as well on April 12. There is a big focus on this house. New friends and connections. time to work in teams. maybe lead people in something that matters to you. make amazing people online or in-person.

April 20: The Sun and Mercury enter your twelfth house. This is a time for letting go of the things that no longer serve you, but also going into your inner world. Get in touch with yourself, meditate, or do whatever activity brings you the most introspection.

April 24: Mars moves to your second house. There is some energy focused on money and change in finances. Are you overspending or over-saving? Consider bringing some change into your money habits.

April 27: There is a full moon in the sixth house! Are there any changes you’d like to make to your wellness? Your time-management skills or school habits? It’s likely that some change could do good. It’s also a good time to get some community service hours in. Make a contribution. After all, the best way to help yourself is to help others.



Cancer, this month there’s a focus on finding the balance between what you want and what you need. It’s a great time to figure out a good balance between those two aspects of life, as well as considering letting go of something that could be holding you back. This will bring about some good in your life this April, Cancer. Maybe it’s time to consider putting more effort into your studies (that way you’ll ace all those upcoming tests!). But, if you’ve been studying too much, it may be wise to let loose a bit. A break never hurt anyone — contrariwise, breaks help you rest up and recharge to do better when you’re ready to get back to work again. Find the balance between duties and freedoms, and this month will be a productive one for you!

Important Dates for Cancer

April 4: Mercury joins the Sun and Venus to your tenth house, and 12 days later (April 12) a new moon happens there as well. There is a lot of movement in the tenth house! Is there a new, positive direction that your school life wants to take? Do you have ideas that could contribute to growth in studies? The energy in the tenth house provides a good environment for all these changes to take place.

April 20: The Sun and Mercury go into your eleventh house. It’s a good time to collaborate, to work with like-minded individuals. Try putting yourself out there. Get out of your comfort zone and let yourself be seen — you have a lot to show the world!

April 24: Mars goes into your sign, giving you a boost of energy and momentum. Move forward! Start a new project, or pay more attention to the one you’ve been working on lately. It’s a prime time to do that one thing you want to do. The stars are on your side!

April 27: There’s a New Moon in your fifth house, which begs for the following question: Are you having enough fun in your life? It’s time to laugh and smile a bit more. Maybe some creative activity can help with that, or anything you usually do to enjoy yourself



Leo, have you been putting something off? This April, the stars are pushing you to move forward with anything you have been sleeping on. Maybe it could have something to do with possible difficulties balancing commitments and freedoms. It’s time to find a good balance between those two — only then could you successfully move forward! If you’re losing track of your studies lately, it may be a good idea to pay more attention to those. You’ll thank yourself later when you look at those great grades on ManageBac! It’s all about balance this month. Find it, and April will be smooth sailing!

Important Dates for Leo

April 4: Mercury joins the Sun and Venus into your ninth house. On April 12, there’s a new moon in this house, too. Is there movement expected? Travel from one place to another (whether it’s from one country to another or simply to school and back)? Or is the journey more internal? Consider getting in touch with yourself these days.

April 15: Venus goes to your tenth house. Two days later (April 20), the Sun and Mercury join it! Ask yourself what you want to do in the world. How do you want to touch people’s lives? Are there any ways to contribute, any new communities to join? The stars invite you to put yourself out there.

April 24: Mars goes into your twelfth house. If there’s tension in your life, consider releasing that energy through physical activity. Do some exercise, play a sport! There are some really great routines to check out on the Baldwin Wellness site. The entry of Mars in this house also invites you to explore and to get to the bottom of things. It’s possible you’ll realize that you want to deepen a relationship or create a new one altogether.

April 27th: There’s a new moon in the fourth house. It might be time to rearrange some things around home. Maybe your work area could use a little organizing!



Virgo, it may be time to create some boundaries to accomplish what you want. This April is a time for moving forward: the stars invite you to refrain from procrastinating and to take advantage of the time you have available to get to do what you want to set your heart on. Find the balance between hard work and leisure time. Should you consider screen-time restrictions to stop yourself from the endless wormhole that is Instagram? You have the momentum to move forward, just remember to use it and to take advantage of it.

Important Dates for Virgo

April 4: Mercury goes into your eighth house, where the Sun and Venus already are. 8 days after that (April 12), there’s a new Moon there, too. A new project, whether personal or for school, may surge. Don’t derail from it! You can achieve great things if you put your mind to it. The energy in your eighth house also invites you to open your heart. Learn how to trust people a little more — you’ll feel the love spring right back.

April 15: Venus enters the ninth house, shortly followed by the Sun and Mercury on April 20. This is a great time for deepening your knowledge of a subject you’re interested in. Embrace new possibilities and trust what you’re feeling.

April 24: Mars goes into your eleventh house, pushing you out into the world of social interaction. Maybe you can work together in a team with classmates, or make new friends. It’s a good time to be a social butterfly.

April 27: There’s a full moon in your third house this day, telling you to check into your mental activity. If your mind has been racing, take Billy Joel’s advice and “slow down, you crazy child.” Meditate, take long, deep breaths, whatever works for you to reach your full potential without being interrupted by your mind’s racing.



This month invites you to release things you no longer need to carry to be free, Libra. Try to look for some new friends, new hobbies, or new ideas to brew. The stars also want you to become aware of your duties and of your cravings. Recognizing bad habits is the first step towards correcting them. If you achieve a balance between what you want and what you need, you’ll be able to tune yourself with the stars. It might be difficult, but nothing a Libra can’t handle.

Important Dates for Libra

April 4: Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in the seventh house. On April 12, a new moon in that same house occurs. There’s a spotlight shining on relationships, and there might even be love in the air. Most importantly, remember to look at what you want and what you need from new and already existing relationships. Remember: communication is key.

April 15: Venus joins Uranus, who is already in the eighth house. Five days later (April 20), the Sun and Mercury gather there as well. All this energy in your 8th house wants you to drop your barriers. Open your heart a little bit more and let yourself process the happenings around you. 

April 24: Mars moves into the tenth house. This is a great time to put all your focus into school. Be proactive. Get things done on time. If you want something, don’t take no for an answer. 

April 27: There’s a full moon in your second house. It’s time to explore your creative gifts. Let your own unique ideas flow! It may also be a time to make adjustments, especially money-wise. If you’ve been overspending, it could be time to take it down a notch. Or perhaps it may be a good idea to put yourself out there and make some money by putting your talents into use. That way you could earn all the cash you need for whatever is in your shopping cart.



Scorpio, this month the stars beg you to ask yourself what you can leave behind. Some things are better when they remain in the past. Breaking out from unhealthy habits will benefit you this month. Consider moving out of your comfort zone to try new activities. Who knows what you might find yourself face to face with! Fun and adventure await you, Scorpio. You just need to muster up the courage to break free from patterns that don’t do you good. 

Important Dates for Scorpio

April 4: Mercury joins the Sun and Venus into the sixth house. On April 12, there is a new moon in this house, too. This calls for new beginnings: new people to collaborate with, or perhaps a change in your desktop environment. It may also be a great time to reboot your health. Look at what you can do to improve your well-being. Check out the Baldwin Wellness page for some great ideas as to how to start this wellness journey. 

April 15: Venus goes into the seventh house, where two days later (April 15) it is joined by the Sun and Mercury. Is it time to clear some things up in your relationships with friends and family? A healthy discussion can be of great use. Talk something through if it is bothering you to refresh that relationship. Make peace with someone with who you might not be on particularly good terms. There are also potential romantic opportunities in the air, even if they aren’t obvious. Expect the unexpected— it won’t bring anything bad.

April 24: Mars enters your ninth house. The stars are inviting you on a trip, whether it be from one physical place to another (a trip? visit?) or from one mental state to a different one (spiritual journey? getting in touch with your emotions?). 

April 27: There is a full moon in your sign! It is time to balance your life to make it what you want. It’s your way or the highway. Think about where you want to be and work towards that. The full moon in your sign will support and help you!



Sagittarius, do you feel like you’re suffocating? Drowning in schoolwork, perhaps? Or is it something more personal? The planets suggest letting something go in order to reach a good balance between commitments versus leisure. This will be a challenge, this month, but you can surely find it.

Important Dates for Sagittarius

April 4: Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your fifth house. Later, on April 17, a new moon will be in this house. Are you expecting something? There’s reason to be excited these days. It might be a chance at love or an opportunity to start a project you’re passionate about! Whatever it is, it’s a good time to let those serotonin levels sky-high.

April 15: Venus goes into the sixth house, followed by the Sun and Mercury five days later (April 20). There’s a big focus on the sixth house. It is time to concentrate on service, whether it be for community service hours, for your own group of friends, or for yourself. It is also a time to let yourself mold into what you want to be. What do you want your role in your community to be? Bring into your world and your community whatever it is that gives you a sense of butterflies in your stomach. It is a time to be excited for the future because it now that you have a good opportunity to make what you want of it.

April 24: Mars enters your eighth house. It’s a good time to arrange your financial priorities. Maybe you’re spending too much on things you don’t really need? If not, maybe you should just organize your wallet. That’s always a good idea.

April 27: There’s a full moon in your twelfth house. Don’t go out unless you actually feel like socializing. Remind yourself that you need your space and quiet. It’s time to recharge your batteries. Surround yourself in nature, meditate, get in touch with your inner peace, or do whatever makes you feel calmer.



Hey, Capricorn! This April, the planets and stars are asking you to let loose a little bit. You’re great at commitments; however, this month it may be best to find the right balance between pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and being stable. Break away from patterns and habits that hold you back rather than propel you towards success and this month will be a good one.

Important Dates for Capricorn

April 4: Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in the fourth house. On April 12, there is a new moon in that house as well. This calls for new beginnings for your home. It’s time to rearrange things, to organize, to decorate. Make your space one that you can come back from school with and feel good. And if you’re taking classes online, make the space one you feel comfortable learning in.

April 15: Venus goes into the fifth house. It is closely followed by the Sun and Mercury on April 20. Expect a boost of creative energies. This may present opportunities to start a new business or to continue developing a project you’ve been working on recently. These are also good times to get in touch with your playful, fun side. Don’t be afraid to let go and have fun. There may be a possibility for romance, too, so keep your eyes open, Capricorn!

April 24: Mars enters the seventh house. Now is when you should be proactive when it comes to your relationships. Reach out to your friends and family with your sound advice, or just get in touch to have a lovely chat. Also, make sure you know what you want — and don’t be afraid to reach out to it.

April 27: There is a full moon in your eleventh house! This is a wonderful time to look at and reflect upon friendships and connections. Is it time to move on? Have your interests changed? Don’t push back these reflective feelings. Instead, ponder and think things through rather than making a rash decision.



Aquarius, have you committed to something that you’re not particularly enjoying? If that is the case, don’t feel guilty if you want to leave it behind. If you’re able to do so, muster up the courage to try something new. Perhaps it’s time to explore a new place you haven’t visited and have been meaning to, to expose yourself to unfamiliar situations. This month, doing something you don’t do often may be beneficial. Put yourself out there. Maybe you can sit with a person you don’t usually sit with at lunch! It could be very rewarding.

Important Dates for Aquarius

April 4: Mercury enters the third house, followed by a new Moon on April 12. The Sun and Venus are already there. There is a lot of activity in the third house, meaning it might be a good idea to meet new people, make new connections, and reach out to your community. Consider making a vlog or doing an Instagram Live Stream! It could be fun, and people are willing to listen to you, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

April 15: Venus enters the fourth house, and five days later, the Sun and Mercury join (April 20). The stars are inviting you to create new roots somewhere, or renew already existing roots. Find people with whom you resonate, and put more focus on the relationship you have with your family in your home. Additionally, you may find beautifying your room enjoyable. This April calls for a bit of reorganization.

April 24: Mars enters your sixth house. Are you getting sudden bursts of energy? Consider focusing these days on your diet and exercises, and be proactive with these two. Don’t procrastinate and push yourself forward. Your goals can be met if you put enough energy into them.

April 27: There’s a full moon in your tenth house! Is something coming up? A big summative, or a project you’ve been working on? A wave of development, perhaps, or of emerging, new ideas? The full moon encourages you to work hard and to expect good results.



This month is all about finding balance, Pisces. The stars encourage you to step out of your comfort zone while maintaining a sense of stability. However, focus a little bit more on letting go. Try new things! Listen to your friend’s movie recommendations. Read a book you have been wanting to read. Get around to listening to an album you’ve been told you’d like. Whatever breaks your normal routine is good this month. Most importantly, remember to be yourself. The planets want you to try new things while staying true to who you are this month.

Important Dates for Pisces

April 4: Mercury and a New Moon enter your second house. It may be time to turn something you love and value into something others may be interested in paying you for. Or simply share whatever it is you have to offer for free — people are interested in what you have to say, so don’t be afraid to open up.

April 15: Venus moves into the third house, followed by the Sun and Mercury five days later (April 20). Activity in your third house means it is a good idea to connect with people. You have the power to inspire others. Write, share, teach your friends about something you’re passionate about! Also, doing some community service will not only do others good: you’re likely to take something out of it as well.

April 24: Mars enters the fifth house. This house is all about doing something you enjoy, whether it has to do with entertaining, learning about cultures, or pursuing a new business. Maybe it even hints at a new romance, so keep your eyes open. Be proactive about creating things you want and enjoy.

April 27: There is a full moon in your ninth house. Maybe you’re preparing for an upcoming trip (perhaps an interesting summer program you found?). Or it could also be time for some introspection. Work on yourself and find more meaning in everyday tasks you face. Connect with yourself — you may end up learning new aspects of yourself you weren’t acquainted with before.


A Basic Guide to Astrology

The Core Three

Your sun, moon, and rising signs represent three aspects of your who you are: how you know yourself, how emotions affect you, and how others perceive you. In other words, they are the heart of your astrological persona. Getting to know your sun, moon, and rising signs will allow you to better understand how the stars and the planets take their toll on your life. 

More often than not, you have vastly different personalities with people with whom you share a sun sign with. This is because they’re probably influenced by moon and rising signs that are not the same as yours.


The Sun Sign

The sun sign is known with your date and month of birth. It represents the position that the sun was in the moment in which you were born. In simpler terms, this is your normal, go-to zodiac sign. Your sun sign represents your individuality and your general take on life, values, and creativity. It captures your overall essence and personality


The Moon Sign

Your moon sign is determined by the time, date, and location of birth. It represents the position that the moon was when you were born. Since the moon moves quite quickly, it is important to know the exact time of birth for it to be as accurate as possible. This sign represents your inner emotions. Think of it as the voice in your head that talks to you. The sign that rules your moon will influence that internal conversation. 


The Ascendant Sign

Like the moon sign, your ascendant, or rising sign is determined by your birth time, date, and location. The Ascendant sign is the one that rose in the Eastern horizon when you were born. The rising sign dictates the impressions you make on others. In other words, it is the persona that you let other people see easily. It is not uncommon for some people to be more in touch with their Rising sign more than their Sun sign.


The Birth Chart

A birth chart is assembled using the date, time, and location of birth. It is unique to each and every one of us, like a fingerprint! It is a way of visualizing where all planets and stars were located at the exact moment that you were born. Your birth chart reveals exponentially more information than your sun sign alone. 

Each and every planet, asteroid, and celestial body is represented in your birth chart. Believe it or not, there is actually a bit of every single zodiac sign in each of us. A birth chart is divided into twelve sections, which represent areas and aspects of life. They are known as houses. Certain signs rule certain sections. Different positions of planets and stars in these sections affect those aspects of life. Sometimes houses are empty in birth charts, but this just means that the ruling sign influences them.

I hope you were able to learn a bit about what April has in store for you, as well as a few key aspects of astrology! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. Have a lovely April!



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