The Bullseye Horoscope: May 2021

Learn about what the future has in store for you, and scroll to the bottom of the article for a guide on the ten planets! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment on this article or reach out to me.


Aries, this month calls for shaking up things you are used to doing. Improvise, even if it seems uncomfortable to do so!

Important Dates for Aries

May 4: Mercury goes into Gemini.

May 9: Venus goes into Gemini, your third house. There’s quite a lot of energy in Gemini. This may mean that there’s a lot of mental activity. What are you thinking, Aries, should you make up your mind about something? Perhaps you’re contemplating different options—this month tells you to choose one of them. It is also a wonderful time for sharing information, becoming curious, adding knowledge, and learning a new skill!

May 11: There is a new moon in Taurus. This means new possibilities and ideas. They possibly entail some extra work, but it’s a wonderful time to develop a talent you know you have but have not yet explored. Don’t be afraid to do delve into this, even if it seems a little scary at first.

May 14: Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and wisdom, goes into your 12th house (Pisces). The stars are giving you a very important message of fortune. Jupiter in Pisces is like having a good luck charm! Neptune is also in Pisces, which encourages you to remember to be gentle to yourself.

May 21: The sun enters the third house, bringing you good, clear communications.

May 26: A lunar eclipse will be happening in the 9th house! This house represents the quest for wanting more out of life. Maybe for you, this means inspiring others or being inspired! Perhaps you’ve been ignoring something that you should pay attention to and integrate into your life. Remember to not be afraid to go through uncomfortable feelings to get good results.

May 27: Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks. This is a time for reflection, let go and focus on your calming.



This month is one of new beginnings. It’s almost your birthday, which is a time of renewal. New intentions, new dreams—accelerate your life into a new path!

Important Dates for Taurus

May 4: Mercury goes into the second house of money and finance.

May 9: Venus joins Mercury in the 2nd house. This activity in the second house tells you that it’s a good time to identify what you value. It is also an opportunity to promote yourself. Develop more of your innate talents or move more towards something you enjoy passionately.

May 11: There is a new moon in your sign! This creates a blank canvas for you, a sort of astrological “restart” button. Contemplate making changes to your appearance, relationship, work style, or anything of the sort.

May 14: Jupiter enters Pisces, the 11th house, and joins Neptune, who is already there. Connect with new people! If there is someone you’d like to get to know better, now is the time.

May 21: The Sun joins your 2nd house. This shines a light on your gifts. Don’t just look at your talents, share them with others.

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in the 8th house. Is there something coming to light that you’ve been ignoring? It is time to address it. (Keep in mind that the energy of a lunar eclipse can linger on for three to six months after it happens!)

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks. Identify what is of value to you, and pay attention to messages that may come to you. Stay on your toes!



Gemini, it is almost your birthday. It’s time for new visions. The spotlight is on you. You won’t be bored!

Important Dates for Gemini

May 4: Mercury enters your sign.

May 9: Venus goes to the first house and joins Mercury, too. Rethink you. Who are you? How do you want others to see you? What can u do to love yourself? The more you love yourself, the more you will see that reflected in the world.

May 11: There is a new moon in Taurus, your 12th house. It’s a good time to learn more about philosophy, the metaphysical, the spiritual, or anything that simply intrigues you.

May 14: Jupiter goes to your 10th house. Expand your vision and your work! This is a time of benevolence, growth, and abundance. 

May 21: The sun goes into your sign. This is a big boost and accelerates your energy. It shines a light on you!

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse on the 7th house. You may have a realization about something you haven’t given much thought to before. There are also possibilities for new, intimate relationships.

May 30: Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde until the 23rd of June. It may be wise to avoid getting into important discussions, so try avoiding those until the retrograde is over!



Cancer, this month, the planet Mars is in your sign all the time. This makes it a prime time to express your passion, whatever it may be, even if it seems too chaotic! 

Important dates for Cancer

May 4: Mercury enters your 12th house. Venus joins it on the 9th of the month. It’s time to complete whatever chapter you are on to be able to start new beginnings. Reflect upon the past now that your birthday is getting closer, and don’t forget to let things come you—they may be good!

May 11: There is a new moon in your 11th house. Expect new friends and new people in your life! This might be a chance to learn from others. And learning can be fun!

May 14: Jupiter goes into the 9th house, joining Neptune, which is already there. It is a good time to travel—whether it be physically or spiritually! Explore new fields you haven’t given much thought to before to expand your knowledge, and, once you feel comfortable enough to do so, share your findings with others who’ll listen!

May 21: The Sun joins your 12th house, shining a light on things you’ve been sweeping aside. Remember: Acknowledging things that seem scary may actually bring you peace.

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in your 5th house. Consider your creativity triggered! Whether it be dancing, cooking, sewing, it’s time to let the creative forces take charge.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde in your 12th house until the 23rd of June. It is not uncommon for elements of your past to greet you during these times, but consider them blessings rather than curses. Much needed healing could take place. It’s also a good idea to finish projects (or anything left incomplete) during this retrograde rather than beginning new ones. 



Leo, this month you can expect a lot of new opportunities, whether they be to make new friends and social connections or learning and exploring subjects you are not yet acquainted with. Check out the important dates for more in-depth information!

Important Dates for Leo

May 4: Mercury enters your 11th house. On the 9th, Venus joins. The stars encourage you to socialize with others, whether online or in person. Reflect upon your friendships and don’t be afraid to rearrange certain aspects of your relationships if you are unhappy. If a group project is coming up, take the chance to collaborate to take your teamwork to the next level.

May 11: There is a new moon in the 10th house, where Uranus is already. Concentrate on school, but also consider studying something new that you’re are interested in but don’t really get the chance to explore much. The stars also encourage you to think about what you want to offer to the world! What authentic version of you can make the world a better place?

May 14: Jupiter goes into Pisces, your 8th house of money, finance, and resources. If you need some help, don’t be surprised if other people use their resources to help you start something. These days, you also have the potential to get to the bottom of things that you feel that you must uncover. Don’t be afraid, however, to expose yourself in that process!

May 21: The Sun enters the 11th house. Expect new friends! Don’t be afraid of warming up to someone you admire, yet are not so close with. Who knows, you may end up being the best of friends!

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in the 5th house. This lunar eclipse is all about creativity and new possibilities. Do not refrain from being playful and innocent, as long as you do what brings you joy.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde. Although you shouldn’t delve into things too quickly, it’s a good time to stop procrastinating.



Virgo, this month there is a big focus on the 10th house. Especially, pay special attention to your studies. Make sure you add good habits or renew old patterns to make the best of your time, and success will surely wait for you at the door.

Important Dates for Virgo

May 4:  Mercury enters your 10th house, and on the 9th of the month, Venus joins. Figure out how to acquire new skills you want to get. It’s a time for sharing information and inspiring others but always remember what you want and love (and put that above all else!). In addition, the stars are telling you to stop procrastinating. (The school year is almost over—one last final push and you are done! You got this, Virgo!)

May 9: There is a new moon in the 9th house. Maybe you are expecting to travel soon, or you’re simply taking new directions in your spiritual or educational journey. Get ready to possibly meet someone that inspires you, or simply inspire someone! Tune in with the world around you—after all, you are an Earth sign, and being conscious of the universe that envelops you is part of you you are.

May 11: Jupiter goes into the 2nd house until the 29th of July. These days are great for growth, whether it is concerning relationships or school. Identify what is going wrong so that you can learn from those mistakes. After all, Jupiter brings good fortune, so the aspects of your 2nd house may all get better around these dates!

May 21: The sun enters your 10th house! Shine your light, smile, and be more playful, but don’t forget about responsibilities that are vital.

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in your 4th house, bringing change to your home environment. This may mean changes in family or simply in decoration! Whatever those changes may be, trust your intuition and all will be well.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini. It’s a good idea to not begin new, risky endeavors these days and to try getting important ones finalized before the retrograde starts.



Libra, this is a big month! It’s a good time to get things done and to stop procrastinating on things that matter. Plan ahead to prevent unpleasant surprises! It’s also a prime time to engage in higher, more sophisticated learning to take your knowledge to the next level.

Important Dates for Libra

May 4: Mercury enters the 9th house. On the 9th, Venus enters, too. Deepen your life and set your priorities straight. What do you want others to see of you? Expect lightbulbs to be king on in your head these days. Remember to trust your gut!

May 11: There’s a new moon in the 8th house. It is a time of new beginnings. Let yourself be more emotionally intimate with others, but remember to weigh the pros and cons, before delving into anything too deep.

May 14: Jupiter enters Pisces, your 6th house. It may be wise to put more attention into your physical well-being. Perhaps pay some attention in PE class? Look at your diet and whether or not you are paying enough attention to your physical needs. It is difficult to do so in the setting we are living in right now, but try to move and sleep more. You’ll see positive results in no time.

May 21: The Sun enters the 9th house. Are you planning a trip soon? Maybe you’ll be doing some internet tourism with friends. Whatever it may be, make sure that your needs are all being met.

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in your 3rd house, encouraging you to connect with others more creatively and to share information with a community you know will be interested.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde! It’s not the best time to delve into new, risky situations. On the other hand, reflection is encouraged. Realign and reassess aspects of your life to make the best out of it during this retrograde.



This May is all about introspection and reflection, Scorpio. It’s wise to ponder upon certain situations to make the best out of them, whether they are good or bad. As always, if you put your mind to what you want to do, you are certain to do well.

Important Dates for Scorpio

May 4: Mercury enters your 8th house, and on the 9th, Venus joins it. This is a good time to contemplate and ponder upon a potential new relationship—platonic or romantic! The stars also encourage you to deepen your understanding of your own mind and to heal emotional areas that need healing. Whatever it is that you’re holding in, don’t be afraid to let out and release. You’ll feel the positive effect of it in no time.

May 11: There is a new moon in your 7th house of relationships. Get ready to welcome a new relationship and/or to look back and reflect upon already existing ones. Fresh starts are seen on the horizon, so be ready to welcome them with open arms!

May 14: Jupiter enters Pisces, your 5th house, encouraging you to explore your creativity. This could mean expanding your small business or engaging in any creative activity that you enjoy! These days, do whatever you know will put a smile on your face.

May 21: The Sun enters your 8th house and shines a light on some dark places. Some difficult situations may arise and it may be tempting to ignore them, but doing so will only worsen things. Confronting things head-first is the best way to go about these situations. You got this, Scorpio!

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde! During these times, it is a good idea to simply contemplate, relax, and reassess your progress up until now. It is also possible to reconnect with something or someone from the past, so keep an eye out for that! In addition, this Mercury retrograde encourages you to finish projects you’ve already started.



Sagittarius, these are exciting times. Get ready for a wave of new things—especially relationships, platonic or romantic! The school year is almost over, so perhaps when summer comes around, it may be a good idea to strengthen those new connections through a virtual or in-person setting! (Remember, though, to stay safe! After all, we are living in a pandemic.)

Important Dates for Sagittarius

May 4: Mercury enters the 7th house and Venus joins it on May 9. On the 20th of the month, the Sun enters the same house. There is quite a lot of activity going on in the relationship area, but this is not a bad thing. It’s a good time to communicate clearly and have important discussions. Say what you need to say! Most importantly, put your own needs above others. Only then you will feel a positive energy that surrounds you. Furthermore, you may feel an urge to reignite already existing relationships. Trust your gut.

May 11: There is a new moon in the 6th house. This encourages you to explore new directions to work on your physical health. Maybe consider trying a new diet? You might have been stressing quite a lot because of school these days, so making changes to your physical health will benefit your mind. Like The Eagles once sang, “Take it easy! Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.” 

May 14: Jupiter moves to your 4th house! This calls for expansion. Rearrange something in your room, make studying from home more comfortable for you. Most importantly, make space in your mind to welcome relaxing and reassuring ideas.

May 21: The Sun enters the 7th house. This, again, shines a light on relationships and puts a lot of potential energy in that aspect of your life, so don’t let this opportunity pass. Embrace and welcome new relationships!

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in your sign. The universe encourages you to be open to new messages and to trust your gut feeling. Let yourself receive messages.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde. Don’t be surprised if somebody or something from your past comes back to greet you—Mercury retrogrades often bring some past to your present.



Capricorn, this month there is a lot of inner reflection going on. Make sure to balance your emotions wisely and do what is ultimately best for you! 

Important Dates for Capricorn

May 4: Mercury enters your 6th house. On the 9th, Venus enters. 11 days afterward (May 20) the Sun enters the same house. This month there is a lot of focus on your studies, health, and service to others. It’s a great time to concentrate on your studies, even if you don’t feel like it. Finals are coming up—make sure you give it the best you can! To make the most out of that, also remember to work on your physical needs. Are you sleeping enough? Eating healthily? Doing all your PE workouts? Focusing on your physical health can improve your mental health and help you be the best you can this month.

May 11: There is a new moon in the 5th house. This is a wonderful time to start a creative endeavor or to get a project that you’ve been meaning to begin going. Just do it!

May 14: Jupiter changes signs and enters your 3rd house. It is a great time to learn and to expand your network, your mind, and your awareness. Explore new subjects that you like, because you’ll likely enjoy learning about them.

May 25: A lunar eclipse happens in your 12th house. Find your balance between putting yourself out there and giving yourself time to yourself. It’s also a good time to do any research you’d like to get done! Also, be ready to encounter something from your past.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde. You may find yourself asking yourself what to do, maybe doing some volunteer work. You may be able to find a new, promising direction by doing that.



This month, Aquarius brings many things for you. The stars want you to express your inner child, but to also keep your mind grounded. Have as much fun as you want to do what makes you happiest, but remember to keep one foot on the ground! You got this!

Important Dates for Aquarius

May 4: Mercury enters the 5th. Venus enters on the 9th, and the 20th, the Sun. This is the house of entertainment, so don’t be afraid to express your inner child. The stars want you to have fun, to express your creativity however you want to and however, you know you will have fun.

May 11: There is a new moon in your 4th house of home. This may mean renovation, redecoration, or simply moving a few things in your room around. A much-needed fresh start. Breaking out of old habits will benefit your present.

May 14: Jupiter enters the 2nd house and brings you opportunities to explore your talents and gifts further. You have a very promising innate talent, and the change of sign of Jupiter encourages you to take that talent to the next level.

May 26: A lunar eclipse occurs in your 11th house. This lunar eclipse may shine a light upon something you may not want to act upon. It may involve changes to a social group. Remember to look and ponder upon your community and to move on from something if it is holding you back. (Remember, the energies from a lunar eclipse can last for about 6 months, so keep an eye out!)

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde. It is a good idea to begin any important projects you have been wanting to start. The retrograde also pushes you to get various things done while it lasts, so take advantage of that forward momentum, Aquarius!



Pisces, get ready for growth, wisdom, wealth, and good fortune this month. The stars have great plans for you, all you need to do is welcome and embrace them!

Important Dates for Pisces

May 1: Mercury enters the 4th house, and Venus joins on the 9th. On the 21st, the Sun joins both planets. The attention in this 4th house calls for stability, and for rearranging the priorities that seem a little off. Reflect upon what you consider to be family. Consider, as well, making some changes to your environment. Put up a poster, move around some furniture, whatever you feel like is best to get your space to feel comfortable. In general, this is a good month to be creative.

May 11: In your second house there is a new moon, bringing you new ideas and encouraging you to explore and deepen already existing gifts.

May 14: Jupiter joins Neptune in your first house. It is a time for expansion, for stretching yourself out. Take risks! Break out of the cage! Remember that growth isn’t always comfortable, but it’s definitely necessary.

May 26: There is a lunar eclipse in the 10th house. If you are not happy with a certain aspect of your life, it is time to take action and to change. It will be for the better.

May 30: Mercury goes retrograde! It may be a good time to begin any important things before the retrograde begins. However, feel free to continue working on already begun projects during the retrograde. Take advantage of the messages the stars are sending you this month and all will be well.


A Guide to the Ten Planets


Your Sun sign is the main astrological feature and displays your personality, attitude, likes, and dislikes. The Sun is associated with Leos—this star and the zodiac sign both love to be in the spotlight. The Sun transits through signs every 30 days or so, and it does not go retrograde. Every time the Sun enters a new sign, you may feel the energy of that sign, even if it is not yours. In your birth chart, the position of the Sun portrays your sense of awareness, self-esteem, and centrality.



The Moon changes signs every two and a half days, and it is classified as an inner-planet. It is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. The position of the moon can give insight into the overall vibe of a certain day and how different people are handling certain situations. Furthermore, lunar phases help astrologers understand whether we should ponder upon the past or plan for the future. The Moon represents the idea of nurturing. The position it is in your birth chart portrays how you nurture and take care of yourself. In addition, it represents our emotions and feelings. Professional astrologers can tell individuals how the moon phases and transits affect them.



This is the planet of communication, and it determines areas of expression and interpretation. It takes a toll on an individual’s ability to use logic and to rationalize aspects of your emotions, actions, and romances. Like the Moon, it is also classified as an inner-planet, and it rules the signs of Virgo and Gemini. It transits signs every two weeks. A Mercury retrograde happens 3-4 times per year. The areas the planet affects may not function as well as they usually do. Miscommunications, for example, are abundant during these retrogrades. In general, it is strongly advised to refrain from making big decisions during a Mercury retrograde and to double-check, proofread, and clarify as much as possible. However, being born during a Mercury retrograde does protect you from the effects of one. With the position of this planet in your birth chart, you can better understand your style of expression.



Venus can represent superficiality and indulgence and can mix up our needs with our wants. Sometimes, Venus is passionate and beneficial, while others it is hedonistic and self-indulgent. This is also an inner planet, and it transits signs every 4-5 weeks. It goes retrograde every 18 months. Astrologers suggest people avoid making big, luxurious purchases, deciding on a risky new look (like getting an experimental haircut), and diving into commitments during a Venus retrograde. In your birth chart, this planet represents the ideal romance. It represents how you view beauty and what others find beauty in you. The Zodiac sign it occupies reveals in what ways you want to be loved.



The warrior planet Mars portrays your passions and motivations. The sign this planet occupies represents how you react and make your best decisions. It rules the sign of Aries and is also classified as an inner-planet. It takes 6-7 weeks to transit signs and goes retrograde every 2 years. When a Mars retrograde happens, energies shift from active to completely passive, making it harder to get things done. However, even when retrograde, Mars can bring you to focus to accomplish your goals. In your birth chart, the sign Mars is in portrays determination and drive. This is especially reflected in high-pressure situations, like rushing to meet a deadline or just having a very heated discussion with a friend.



This planet rules Sagittarius, and it represents good fortune, expansion of knowledge, education, and philosophy. Jupiter can give similar hedonistic energies as Venus even if they are disguised as good, so it is always a good idea to know when to stop when things are getting out of hand. This is an outer planet, and it transits signs every 12-13 months! A Jupiter retrograde actually reinforces the generosity of this planet’s energy and encourages us to open our minds even further. The position of this planet in your birth chart reflects your fortune, and in which areas you could expand your awareness and philosophies of the world. 



Saturn is like the helicopter mom of all the planets. The placement of this sign can reflect the fears, restrictions, and limitations we often impose on ourselves. This planet goes retrograde every year for 140 days (yes, that is a lot!) and it changes signs every two and a half years (that is also a lot). A Saturn retrograde helps you revisit the past to check to see you’ve done everything well. If you do indeed handle issues properly, you will feel Saturn’s reward. However, if you can’t confront your problems well, you’ll feel salt in old wounds. Saturn represents the part of life we are most hard on ourselves in our birth chart. However, it also reflects hard work, patience, and practice.



Uranus is an outer planet and transits signs every seven years. It is a good idea to expect the unexpected with the aspects of life this planet represents because it can send off destructive and shocking energies. However, it can also represent spontaneity and progress. The planet does not pay any attention to the past and only thinks of the future. It goes retrograde every year for 150 days. When this happens, the planet’s surprises are less clear and material and are rather internal and mental. A Uranus retrograde can mean emotional transformation for many people, so it’s a great idea to take advantage of these energies to let go of things that hold us back. The position of this planet in your birth chart reflects how you handle innovation.



This is an outer planet and takes 14 whole years to transit signs. It rules the zodiac sign Pisces and is associated with the dreamy, creative, and subconscious realms of our personalities. Its placement in your birth chart portrays how to develop creativity and emotional intuition. However, it also exposes blind spots: areas of life we romanticize that shouldn’t be idealized. This planet spends 40% of its time in retrograde (150 days, to be exact). During this retrograde, we have to sit in the unknown and embrace it.



Pluto is an outer planet, taking 14-30 years to transit a sign. Pluto retrogrades happen each year for 185 days. This planet represents secrets and privacy, so its placement reflects the deepest, most profound, and least-seen parts of who we are. When Pluto goes retrograde, it is encouraged to let go of over-dependent relationships—whether you are the one leading power-hungry tendencies or not. In your natal chart, the planet represents the areas of life that you need to work on the most. The best way to control these often negative Plutonian energies is to stop fighting and trying to control them in the first place.