101 Things to do in Quarantine

1. Learn a new song
2. Read a book (for yourself, not for school!)
3. Make a dessert
4. Teach your pet a new trick
5. Finish a series on Netflix, Disney+, Crunchyroll, HBO,
6. Make an arts and crafts project
7. Scrapbook anything
8. Start planning a Father’s and Mother’s Day gift
9. Learn a new language
10. Ride a bike
11. Facetime your friends and family
12. Look in the mirror and attempt to create a self-portrait
13. Do a show for your parents
14. Organize your room
15. Strengthen your non-dominant hand (in case you break
your dominant hand)
16. Make a journal
17. Watch an actor that you like on a live stream
18. Organize your phone
19. Organize your closet (that hasn’t been cleaned in
20. Try to beat your record in a game

21. Read and organize all your emails and files
22. Make a video/Tik Tok
23. Make a planner
24. Categorize your clothes
25. Draw whatever you see outside your window with
only one line
26. Do a photoshoot
27. Make slime or play-dough
28. Clean out your gutters
29. Clean your yard
30. Pick up after your pet’s messes
31. Tye-die
32. DIY clothes
33. Categorize your movie disks
34. Create a photo/video album of your last vacation
35. Clean your bathroom
36. Make room decors
37. Mop the floors
38. Plan your summer vacation
39. Buy clothing online
40. Make a Spotify music playlist
41. Make your own personal spa in your bathroom
42. Paint your nails
43. Do your hair and explore new styles
44. Buy a lot of stuff on-line
45. Attempt to cut your hair

46. Sew something
47. Plan your dream room
48. Play a board game with your friends virtually
49. Clean your bedsheets
50. Learn to ride a scooter, bike, skate, roller-skates or
51. Dye your hair
52. Make a homemade Starbucks drink
53. Learn how to cook if you don’t already know how to
54. Create a personal meme
55. Prepare your dinner by yourself (if you are allowed to, or just
microwave food)
56. Make a week-long nutrition plan
57. Make a bucket list of things to do before the year ends
58. Learn to play an instrument
59. Do your own laundry
60. Plan your clothes
61. Walk your pet (if you have one)
62. Play video games with friends or family
63. Send gifts or thank you cards (Be nice!)
64. Create a cardboard city

*film yourself destroying it like Godzilla (optional)
65. Learn to do origami
66. Make a tiny house for any of your plushies
67. Make a quilt
68. Make a poster for your future school club

69. Take weird selfies
70. Make a time capsule
71. Practice doing your makeup
72. Write a letter for your future self
73. *Dance like nobody’s watching (because nobody will
since you are in quarantine)
74. Make a video edit
75. Go 1 day without using your phone – Saturday or
76. Try to spend one day blindfolded
77. Wash the dishes
78. Make a treaty of peace with your siblings
79. If someone got in trouble, make a trial
80. Perform a circus in your home
81. Watch Youtube videos
82. Dress like a clown and learn to juggle
83. Plan outfits you can wear after quarantine
84. Take a long nap
85. Practice taking photos
86. Try to bake something
87. Make a movie night with family
88. Write and direct a movie at home
89. Sleep for more than 10 hours
90. Only eat junk food for 1 day
91. Make a vlog for yourself and film daily
92. Make a puppet show for your family and virtual friends

93. Create an imaginary friend
94. Think of ideas for your birthday
95. Make a how-to video for others
96. Re-watch movies
97. Watch movies that won Oscars and see if they’re
worthy of them
98. Make a stop-motion film
99. Make a fort
100. Make a list of 100 things to do in quarantine.
101. Make an album of your quarantine and update it every


Stay home and stay safe!