The Sunken Place


Artwork by Daniel Gruen

During this time to ourselves, shut out from the world we are so used to, we are overcome by a sense of subtle and constant anxiety. Not knowing what to do and lingering in our own thoughts can begin to tear at us. We begin to feel that the same days pass by, one after another, with the same repetitive quality, and we begin to lose a concept of time.

We forget the date and the time. These things begin to become secondary. In this piece, I wanted to make sure that I conveyed the void effect, and the feeling that you, the protagonist, are the one experiencing leaving reality as you know it and succumbing to your inevitable fate of abandonment, isolation, and subconscious control.

We all sometimes feel like this, and I feel that although the explicit scenery is exaggerated, I believe it does represent to some extent the way we feel at times now… not in control. 

Art inspired by one of the most iconic scenes of the film “Get out” directed by Jordan Peele,  when Chris is transferred to the “sunken place” as a result of Missy Armitage’s hypnosis effect.


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