Artwork by Patricia Fernandez

Many would agree that communication is a key component in relationships, especially being physically together. However, due to COVID-19, much of that communication has had to rely on technology. With so many people stuck in quarantine, those whose governments enforce it, such as Puerto Rico, there are many people losing contact or facing a lack of communication with the people that they would normally be with physically if it were not for these circumstances. 

The art above is called “Barrier”, it shows a girl, standing on a blue floor, talking to a white wall, and it has a yellow background. The wall represents the incapability of physically communicating or being with someone. The white of the wall evokes the feeling of emptiness that comes from not seeing loved ones, especially during hard times. Furthermore, the floor she’s standing on is blue; this color is usually associated with sadness. 

The pandemic has caused many people to be overwhelmed with sadness. Many people are having important aspects of their lives being taken away due to the virus. However, the background is yellow, this color is often associated with happiness and hope. Even though sadness has become a very common emotion felt throughout the world, there is a space of happiness and hope that is needed in order to get through this. In addition, those times that people communicate, whether it be physically or through technology, can bring happiness and hope to those people. The work is titled “Barrier” because the wall does not allow the girl to see the yellow that is behind it, acting as a barrier.



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