The Great Equalizer

Artwork by Carlo Mignucci

Artwork by Carlo Mignucci

This piece was a response to comments that have been made by various celebrities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their lack of self- awareness highlights how culture and class differences make those in more privileged positions lose perspective.

  • Entertainers Ellen DeGeneres and Sam Smith post selfies of themselves crying in their gigantic multimillion-dollar mansions because theyʼre “bored”. 
  • Gal Gadot tells her Instagram followers that she and all her set-for-life celebrity friends who teamed up to solve the worldʼs problems by filming themselves singing John Lennonʼs Imagine off-key are “All in this together” just like the average person who may never financially recover from the situation. 
  • Madonna lectures her followers that COVID-19 is “The great equalizer” because it does not discriminate between targets, and has thus made everybody the same, all as she soaks comfortably in a warm, candle-lit rose petal bath. 

This imagery is juxtaposed with its audience, ordinary middle/lower class people who do not have the luxury of singing or taking spa baths or sitting around being bored or complaining in any way shape or form because they are too busy worrying about whether they will be able to feed their family or afford treatment if someone becomes infected or if they will ever go back to work or if their tiny, dilapidated, cramped hovel is even fit to live in.


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