Music During a Diseased Time

Poem 1 – Music’s Nature


Though we’re separate

The nature of music is

To bridge that large gap


Poem 2 – Can You Hear My Song?


Can you hear my song?

Though it lacks the words to express itself

I’ve been playing all day long

To reach you myself.


The music is carried on the wind

To places unseen.

It travels on a whim

To places I have never been.


I know you are locked behind your walls

But open a window and you’ll find

My song has travelled and it is all

You will need to unwind.


So open the window

And undue the blind.

Here I go

May my song reach you this time.


Poem 3 – The Constant Connector


In times past I have seen

For I am far from green

An often repeated scene.


A disease wreaks havoc

Now it is back in the habit

Of catching people like a trap does a rabbit.


At first there is sorrow

And fear of the morrow

But then something different follows


It is heard on a balcony

And travels over land and sea

It is doing so now thanks to technology


What do I hear

That replaces that fear?

Something I look forward to year after year.


It is music that plays

Beneath sun and moon rays

And it brings a smile to everyone’s face.


Yes, music connects

As well as protects

Its listeners from being in sorrow up to their necks.


So here’s what to do

Though your friend’s far from you

Deliver that music, with the help of a signal or two.


Poem 4 – An Instrumental Weapon


It starts rather quietly

Riding upon the wind

From a lofty place

The music descends


A door opens to a balcony

A weapon is drawn

To combat the despair

That has made us its pawn


Not your average weapon

It’s of a more friendly kind

It is a tool for playing

Most of the time


The weapon is an instrument

And soon you will hear

The sweet music it plays

Listen closely, come near


The music connects us

By a thin strand of hope

With it we’ll surpass the sorrow

Will it ever cease? Nope!


Poem 5 – The key to hope


The pandemic arises

All is locked down

People of all sizes

Bear on their countenance a frown


A loophole is found

And without leaving home

We all gather ‘round

Through a TV or phone


The countdown begins

They strike up their tune

And we know once again

That joy reaches the moon


So through the musical keys

Hope is unlocked

So sit tight and squeeze

Out the loneliness run amok


The distance is bridged

The music flies free

Hope and joy unabridged

Reign over you and me