When Will It Be Enough?

When will it be enough?

When all their people have dropped to their knees,
begging for mercy, finally doing as you please.

When the whole world has uncovered what you’ve done, perplexed, thinking: how was this possible?

Then, will it be enough?

When all over the continent there are carcasses of civilians who did nothing wrong. Some had a whole life ahead of them, they died so young.

You always put faith in your God. You always asked him for guidance, to be able to decipher the difference between right and wrong. Yet I wonder why, just this once, you strayed away from him, his help, and his supposed love.

Even if the oppressed are ever civilly free, they’ll never be liberated from the lingering memory
of what happened to their friends, what happened to their families.

Holocausts like this one will never be forgotten, the oppressor left too many hearts rotten.

And finally, after millions dead, I’ve only one question,

were you satisfied by this death, satisfied with this oppression?

Did these deaths finally stop your inhumane power-hungry obsession?