Stage Presence

The rhythm one follows as a tune starts playing

Awakens a desire to never cease movement.

Something inside of me wants to keep swaying,

As everyone in the crowd watches in amusement.


Be careful where you step, don’t make the wrong move,

As time passes by, my nervousness shakens loose.

Always make sure to have fun and groove,

I will never stop this passion even at the end of my youth.


The audience’s shadowy faces surround the whole stage,

Seeing all the smiles and glances as the performance takes place.

Always being careful to have a steady pace

Getting all tired, but remembering, the smile can never fade away.


The blinding stage lights makes one’s skin glow,

Step by step you are almost done with the show.

Take a deep breath, keep dancing your way through,

This next stunt begins right after the next queue.


Enjoy your last moments, as the choreography concludes,

Prepare the final pose, as the music comes to a close.

This memory will forever be a tattoo,

As an event that will always be cherished and proud of too.