Dear BHM,


Why do you blame me for things I cannot control? 

Maybe it helps you forgive yourself for what happened. 

Maybe you truly think it was my fault. 

But I was just a child. 

I was innocent to the problems and intricacies of your life. 

So how could I possibly have been the one to ruin it. 

I was oblivious to the madness, the signed papers, and even the reasoning behind the issue. 

But you still make me feel like a villain in a story I wasn’t even a part of. 

Why don’t you take responsibility for your mistakes and move on instead of dragging everyone around you, still holding on to the past? 

I can tell you are still hurt, and I beg you to let me help you.

I don’t want to be treated like a doll you can blame your problems on, or a punching bag for your insults. 

I should not be the one to deal with your anger towards the past. 

But you know I can’t leave,

And I will always come back to you 

which is why you will never stop.