The Oscars 2019

Motion pictures are moving pictures that, in a manner, mimic life, but most importantly, people who make films choose to tell a story that resonates and connects with their audience. Making a movie is not an easy task, as it consists of hundreds of people working together. Producing two hours in film could take months or years. Producing film consists of a variety of people who execute all kinds of jobs such as, production design, acting, directing, cinematography, and writing.

The Best of the Best

Every year there are films that, due to the story they are conveying and the way it was made, stand out from the rest. The Academy Awards, or better known as the Oscars, make sure to highlight these films, as the entertainment community and movie lovers around the world turn their attentions to those bestowed with the honor of the golden statuette- a representation of outstanding work in film. This year’s eight best picture nominees were: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Roma, Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, A Star is Born, Vice, and Green Book. Each tells very different stories and some stood in completely different genres, but they all had on impact on their audience either for demonstrating themes that were crucial for today’s current political climate, revolutionized in some ways gender and racial roles, or simply had an emotional and powerful effect on their audience.

Black Panther – The superhero movie that changed film conventions, by being the first Marvel movie to win an Oscar. Black Panther is the story about King T’Challa, the prince of the fictional country of Wakanda, who takes the mantle of king after his father’s death. Black Panther is a revolutionary film due to its embrace of African culture, and the director’s, Ryan Coogler’s, bold decisions to redefine race and gender roles, which had an undeniable impact on its audience. This motion picture was the first superhero movie to have an African American be the protagonist and became the third highest grossing film domestically by making over seven hundred million dollars in the United States only. This film was not only successful due to its powerful story, technical triumph, great direction and performances, but also because of  its ability to not shy away from being different and re-establish what it means to be a blockbuster and a successful film.

Green Book – Green Book, the Best Picture winner, is a film directed by Peter Farrely and stars Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. It tells the story of an African American pianist, Mahershala Ali, who embarks on a tour in the deep south and hires a chauffeur/bodyguard, Viggo Mortensen, to accompany him. This story follows similar conventions as other films and since the start of the movie one could tell that it does not feel unique from other stories told in the past. However, due to incredible performances from Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali and its ability to tackle such powerful, dark, and relevant topics in a light-hearted manner is what makes this film really stand out. One of my favorite Oscar nominees this year, a feel-good movie, that has caused some controversy, but ultimately has a powerful and relevant message. It undeniably make you feel and understand the story and characters present in the screen.

BlacKkKlansman – BlacKkKlansman is directed by Spike Lee and stars John David Washington, Adam Driver, and Laura Harrier. It tells the story of the first ever African American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department who embarks on an undercover infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan. This film really stands out due to two very powerful performances from Driver and Washington, Spike Lee’s quick and witty dialogue, and his ability to direct the film in a way that it feels like a comedy but touches on a dark subject as it studies the most notorious racist group in United States history. This film makes one rethink the current political climate in the United States and the fact that a new racist movement seems to be spurring as could be inferred through instances such as the racist protests in Charlottesville. This is a poignant film that is very enjoyable, due mainly to its humor and performances. It makes one reflect more than any of the Oscar nominated films and will be on your mind for weeks.