No Future

I’m trying to look into your eyes, but my eyes won’t move from the ground.

your eyes look right through me, i think you might be able to see my

pounding heart. I’m trying to open my mouth, but my voice won’t come out.

your ears only hear the loud silence that fills up the room. 


“like this you’ll have nothing to look forward to.” 

“like this you’ll have nothing to live for.” 

“like this you’ll have no future.” 


I’m starting to wonder if I should dig up my own grave. 

Why can’t you let me finish a sentence? 

Why can’t you see that I’m trying my hardest? 

Why can’t you figure out that this isn’t an act? 

Why do you have to shut my mouth every time I make an effort to open it

up? Why do I make myself stay when I should be running away from all

of your pain? 


Is this just an illusion? 

Am I just living a nightmare? 

Is this place real? 

Are you real? 

Am I real?