Darkness Always Has Light

Stranded in a dark place,

with no sign of escape,

you keep on running,

and the darkness begins fading.


You keep on going,

knowing an exit is in sight,

and the glimpse of your eyes you start seeing,

a small door that is covered in light.


You start to think about your dark past,

just to realize that your time has run out,

and imagine your own mind,

ticking like a time bomb.


You turn around and suddenly you notice,

a wave of red hands all around you,

they’re up and down,

left and right,

and starts trying to remove their foe.


You start running towards the light,

knowing that if you don’t make it,

your very life,

will be ripped apart.


The exit gets closer and closer, 

but suddenly you are lifted in the air,

and look down to see your future,

and your time has run out.


Suddenly the light gets brighter and brighter,

and your eyes are suddenly blind,

the world turns into darkness again,

and you assume that it’s now night.


You wake up in a light room,

and a figure appears in a boom,

they ask you what just occurred

but your mind is blurred.


The figure laughs,

and asks you what you can see,

and you suddenly realize,

that you are truly,