repeating memory

Why won’t you get out of my head? 

I can still see your fists. 

My hand won’t stop bleeding. 

The blood is getting on my thumb. 


Your scare is a repeating memory. 

I can’t go to sleep. 

I can’t help but to hit my head. 

Trying to forget you and your fists. 

I went a little too far up in space. 

because everything is blurry and nothing feels real anymore. 


Losing my voice to cope. 

To cope with the vivid thought of your fists hitting the table.

The way you glare at me with those intimidating,

hazel eyes. It makes me want to cry. 


The memory keeps repeating over and over again inside my head. Repeating. 





Repeating memory. 


I bury my head into my pillow, marked with my

tears. I want to escape this moment. 

But it feels a bit nice to stay. 

I did miss the comfort of my pain after all.