Juntos Como Uno (Together As One)

Sunflowers are phototropic plants

They like to be in the light

Humans like to be in the light too

We are sunflowers; we dance together with the wind; every sunflower follows the same path every day, a giant arc of bursting glow

When the rain beats down hard on our backs, we stand together

Like sunflowers following the sun, we all tune into the same radio frequency of character


If all the crayons  in a box can work together to form one picture

Then why can’t humans, in all their beautiful differences, work together for a bright future?

How to draw a scene with only one color?

How to create peace between all people if only one people is allowed to live?

The Earth would not place all of us here if we were not meant to share

So share we must and share we will

Share our thoughts and dreams and ideas and hopes with all of humanity

And every color must take part in the share

Every color must help to paint the mural of our tomorrow