Twin Mom

A troubled mom with their jokes and games 

“Oh what a nightmare!” is what they say 

“It’s a wonderful thing” as I make the claims 

However they insist “double the effort, double the things to pay” 

When those gifts by God arrived to the world 

I looked in their eyes with unconditional love 

My feelings so strong, an instant comfort that never got old 

From watching them sleep, to every step on their ways to achieve 

How to confuse such innocent souls with such haunting things as a bad dream?

Trying not to anticipate when they slip away from home 

The giggles, but most importantly the love, would be missing my “life times perfect team”

“Isn’t it hard as they grow?” was unexpectedly a strangers outcome 

“Some days feel endless, my hands may be full but so is my heart overflowing with this never ending joy,” as I held on 

In feature and form both grew so alike, confusion and mixing as if they didn’t mind

Into different enchanting flowers they quickly bloomed as I told the moon 

It’s 17 years later, they’re off to college soon. 

They are all grown up now, “Can time just rewind?”