My Trip to the Dominican Republic

I woke up at 7:00 am, excited as a little kid

I packed my bags and headed to the airport

At the airport we got on the plane, the plane was big and blue, and the smell of fuel was apparent

We were pushed back onto our seats and into the sky in a few seconds

All I could see was the sky, and I said Bye to my island

Onto another island

We landed in the Dominican Republic

We picked up our luggage and headed to the apartments

The smell of plants and green scenery

The mountains and the beautiful sunny day as seamed as heaven

I arrived at my apartment and I was greeted with mangu

As the days passed the sun was always apparent, and the noise of nature was in the air

No Cars, no cities, only trees, grass, and dirt

The birds chirped as my dad prepared rice and beans with a tostones

The nights were quiet and peaceful and the days were magnificent, and deep inside I loved it

I turned off my light and off I went

The day came when we left on the plane, seeing the beautiful island disappear into nothing

Gone away

Gone away

Gone away