Fashion Week 2018: New York

Highlights from NYC

New York- New York Fashion Week was an enticing event, between new expressions from old collections to body positivity and flashbacks to a time of color and neo-expression. All the excitement of having new faces and designers on the runway, caught between the revival of particular brands made 2018’s NYFW one of the most notable in years. Here are the highlights;

Alexander Wang in the office 

The 9 – 5 lifestyle was very apparent in the Alexander Wang’s final show, merging haute couture with working girl. The designer posted a selfie in the brand new sunglasses that have the emblem “CEO” on the temple, the caption being: “When you’re not a CEO but you wanna dress like one” – this being the perfect synopsis of the new designs Wang exposed us to. The collection consisted of 80’s style elements, tracksuits, rhinestones, shoulder pads, miniskirts, stilettos, and sheer tights– everything emblazoned in silver reading “CEO 2018”. An all-black ensemble with hints of hot pink and white was the trend that evening, and subtle feminism ran through the designs. When commenting on the collection Wang insisted on sharing the powerful females he has had the privilege of knowing, stating “I’m blessed and honored to work with such powerful women.”  In total, the designs were very “platinum card”-esque, and female empowerment gracefully pierced through the collection, and who doesn’t love that?

80’s Comeback 

Marc Jacobs, Adam Selman, and Tom Ford were all notable in their decisions to explore the past. It seems to be that ruffles, shoulder pads, puffy sleeves, and block colors are all on-trend with the stylish elite.

Chromat Dives into Diversity

Diversity isn’t something particularly intertwined with fashion week, and the industry still has an abundance of work to do before being completely inclusive; however, Chromat’s show at this years NYFW will hopefully spark change within the couture culture. Becca McCharen leading designer for Chromat, declining to remain consistent with the discrimination the industry typically has, took it upon herself and casting director Gilleon Smith to create a show in which all body types and ethnicities, most of which are usually discarded, became the face of the brand this fall. Models were seen carrying bags of Cheetos and cans of Red Bull whilst walking the runway. The vibe was uplifting and vibrant, and the collection was innovative and all-inclusive. The fresh perspective Chromat debuted was intended to make room for “real women”, not just the cookie cutter body type so persistently exploited – making Chromat’s show one of the most important, in my opinion.