Art Club Overnight Mural Marathon



The Art Club is a safe place to explore imagination, creativity, and growth!

The Art Clubs’ goal is one that has been shaped by the interaction and influence of the members of the club, and so we turned our many different ideas into one of our biggest projects yet, The Overnight Mural Marathon! This activity brought together many different people with the same interest in art to gather and work together in creating designs that beautified the community at our school.

The outcomes of this project were successful and created a very fun environment for the students who participated in it. They produced exceptional murals that can now be appreciated by the whole Baldwin community.

We hope they inspire unity and acceptance as these images will become ingrained in everyone’s memory as they see them every day when they pass by them.

Inaya Rivera
Art Club President


We in the Art Club believe that art is a fundamental force in any culture. We want to promote and encourage risk-taking, independent thinking, critical insight, nurture the creative spirit, and pursue opportunities to improve the environment of the Baldwin community.

Our mission is to educate the students to collaborate to design an Art Club that fosters an environment where the unique talents and perspectives of individual students can emerge and flourish.

The Art Club is a place to create bonds with each other, learn about art and how to work together through group projects. This year our biggest project was the Overnight Mural Marathon, which took place this past semester. It was an excellent opportunity for students to work together, learn, garner excitement, and share by creating art, all while beautifying the school and promoting the arts in the community.

This activity took place Thursday, December 15 from 8:00pm to 5:00am of December 16 at the school.

We hope the Art Club will continue to inspire, educate, and fully help our students to become exceptional artists.


Art Club Advisors:
Marina Velazquez & Sofia Vizcarrondo



All images were provided by Co-Advisor, Marina Velazquez Suarez.